Learn to play online roulette 

The name of the game in casino roulette is to pick the winning number. Roulette can be a rather confusing game but it is a lot of fun once you have learned the ins and outs of the casino roulette game.

Online roulette is actually the third most popular casino game. Roulette originates from France and there are two types of roulette tables the European table has better odds because it only contains one “0”. The American table contains a “0” and a “00”. The house favor is 2.63 with the European wheel and 5.26 for the American wheel.

On a roulette table there are two betting areas. The inside which contains the individual numbers and the outside. The outside is a broad betting area. It contains betting areas for columns, red or black, even and odd, and betting groups such as 1 to 18.

When making an inside bet you can go about this several different ways and each pay at a different rate. You can make a straight bet. This is a bet on an individual number, it pays 35 to 1. You can make a  Split Bet which pays 17 to 1. This is done by placing your chip over the line that separates two numbers. You are then betting on both numbers. Like this bet you can make several variations on multiple numbers. There is the Corner bet which is on 4 numbers and pays 8 to 1. The worst bet on an online roulette table is the basket bet. A basket bet is a bet that covers “0,00,1,2,3” This bet has a 6 to1 payout and is considered to be a bad bet to make.


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Outside bets in online roulette is a favorite of new casino roulette players. The chances for winning are great but the pay outs are less. Here you can place your chips on the red, black even or odd. Your odds of winning are greater than inside the box but you will only make even money. Meaning that the bet you place is the amount you will win. So this is a great way to double your money. In the Outside you can also bet on 12 consecutive numbers or on the column. All bets placed in the outside box are 2 to 1.

Now that you have an idea of how bets are placed and what they pay out if you would win, lets talk about what happens at the casino online roulette table. The dealer will keep the wheel spinning at all times. You will never see a wheel stopped at a roulette table that is in play. When the deal throws the ball in he does it in the opposite direction that the wheel is spinning in. This is how he gets the ball to jump around before landing on the winning number. Don't forget to check our online casinos guide if you still need help to decide which casino to use or how to play online roulette.

When the ball lands on the winning number the dealer will place his marker on that number. The number one mistake that beginners make is to place their bets on the table for the next spin before the dealer has removed his marker. He will also announce that you can make your bets after doing so. You also should know that you can make bets while the ball is spinning until the dealer announces no more bets.

When you play at an online roulette table you will be given a colored chip that can only be played at the roulette table. This is to distinguish bets made by each player. It is also perfectly acceptable to place your chip on top of another players chip if you wish to make that same bet.

There is no sure fire way to win at online roulette, but you can pay attention and make smart bets when playing. Avoid constantly changing your numbers eventually they will pay off.