The roulette table layout

The roulette table layout is fairly easy to understand after you have looked at it for awhile. It has spaces that are colored and numbered which correspond with the colors and numbers on the roulette wheel itself. While looking at the roulette table you have a choice of placing a bet inside or outside. This means that you can either bet on a number ranging from 1 to 36 or you can make an outside bet on segments of the roulette table such as the first 12 numbers, or red or black.

Outside bets on the roulette table also include 1 to 18, 19 to 36, and even or odd. Figuring out the layout of the roulette table will help you to make more informed bets on which you prefer. Each bet pays off differently depending on which segment of the roulette table you place your bet. By figuring out which risk you want to take on the roulette table you can win anything from even money to thirty-six times your bet.

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